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According to statistics released by the US Dept. of Labor, 25 out of 100,000 coal miners suffer from serious coal mining injuries annually. Other industries with injured workers do not even compare, with only about 4 out of every 100,000 workers suffering from fatal accidents annually.

Working in the coal mining industry can inherit serious accidents, but a lot of these accidents can be prevented. Hiring a West Virginia coal mining injury lawyer can help you get compensated for the injuries that you received due to the negligence of a business or other worker.

Coal mine operators are legally required to provide safe environments for their coal miners. They are also responsible for ensuring that their miners receive proper training on job safety, as mandated by the federal and state governments of the United States.

Coal mining accidents usually happen after an employer ignored these safety regulations.

As a result, the worker and their family can file a lawsuit against the mining operator or company owner.

A West Virginia personal injury lawyer can determine if the worker can get a claim based on the operator or employer’s lack of following the mandated safety regulations. The personal injury lawyer will ensure that the defendant will be held accountable for having ignored these regulated safety protocols.

Coal mining accidents range from minor to major injuries caused by several incidences, including:

  • Coal stockpile collapse

  • Longwall shield collapse

  • A roof collapsing

  • Explosions

  • Inadequate safety equipment or defective tools

  • Unsecured mine cars

  • Toxic chemical exposures

If you are a victim of a coal mining accident, there is a chance that you will get monetary compensation for your injuries. Compensation will be for your hospital bills, other medical expenses incurred, loss of wages or income, as well as for the pain and suffering caused. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Coal mine operators have teams of experienced lawyers that will try to diminish the number of damages paid to injured employees. With the help of a West Virginia coal mining injury lawyer, you are able to get in the playing field with the responsible company and have a better chance of claiming a higher amount of compensation.

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